LAPD open fires on newspaper delivery drivers
Dozens of bullets fired, without warning, at the wrong target.
Feb 10, 2013
“She’s so raped”
Drunken teen’s jokes about rape victim highlight the goodness and light of our rape culture.
Feb 9, 2013
Eyewitness reliability
If this is what we depend on for convictions, we are totally screwed.
Jan 26, 2013
Phoenix Police shoot man in front of his son
Was using bullets the last resort, or simply the quickest?
Jan 12, 2013
Police Power Abuse Supported by Taxpayer Dollars
When an officer goes over the line, we get to foot the bill
Nov 17, 2012
Police Shoot Naked, Unarmed 18-Year Old Student
Poor training makes bad cops and ends in the deaths of innocent people
Oct 13, 2012
Police shoots and kills amputee
If a police officer sees his gun as the answer to even small threats, we need to rethink our system of law enforcement.
Sep 29, 2012
U.S. Sending Marines to Fight Drug Trafficking in Guatemala
A question of legitimacy and true motivations
Sep 8, 2012
New Report on Occupy Protests Highlights Police Aggression
"Despite the slowing down of the Occupy protests, incidents still continue to filter in."
Jul 26, 2012
Good cop vs. bad cop
Blowing the whistle on police brutality means retribution.
Jul 14, 2012
Ex-President Jimmy Carter accuses the U.S. of mass human rights violations
Jun 30, 2012
Targeting Muslims in the name of national security
Jun 9, 2012
More complaints about border patrol discrimination
May 26, 2012
United States Continues to Arm Governments Despite Human Rights Issues
"Human rights get put on a sliding scale. "
May 18, 2012
Spying on America from the Air
May 12, 2012