Good cop vs. bad cop

Good cop vs. bad cop

Blowing the whistle on police brutality means retribution.

The issue of police brutality is a serious one, and one that I have spoken on in previous posts.  I have expressed my opinion that the abuse of authoritive power (in any form) is one of the worst abuses possible.  When placed in a position of trust, a person should be required and expected to perform their duty with extreme merit and dedication to truth.  Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.  People get the power that a position such as being a police officer brings and take advantage of it to either take things they couldn’t normally have, unleash their anger against people in normally condemned ways, or both.  Sometimes, a police officer witnesses their fellows abusing the system and steps up to stop them.  And sometimes the one who is on the side of right is the person who gets punished.

There’s an unspoken system in place that is sometimes referred to as the “blue line” whereby police are expected to keep their mouths shut when they see other officers committing crimes.  The justification behind this seems to be that they’re all in one ‘club’ and that they should support each other regardless of right or wrong.  Thus, when a police officer decides another has gone too far and tries to intervene, they become the bad guy.

I came across a news report of one particular person, a New Jersey officer by the name of Regina Tasca, who tried to stop another officer from beating up a young man because he tried to walk away from them.  The person in question did not threaten the officer in any way.  They simply turned their back and made to leave.  But this was enough to provoke another officer with a short fuse, who tackled the young man and began pummeling him in the head.  Tasca jumped in a stopped the fight and was rewarded for her valor with curses and an eventual suspension.  Yes, the officer who tried to uphold the law was suspended.  How does this system work again?

Oddly enough, it is the ever-present big-brotheresque video camera that manages to protect people from officers and reveal their crimes.  These devices are meant to obtain evidence and records and they do just that, though perhaps not in the way that many officers would prefer.  You can now log in to YouTube and watch any number of police officers beating the crap out of innocent civilians in countries all across the world.  Perhaps incidents such as these may bring a little clarity to the eyes of citizens in this country and some steps can be taken to battle against abuses of power such as these.  And hopefully police will be allowed to take action against their own in order to get this corrupted system cleaned up once-and-for-all.