LAPD open fires on newspaper delivery drivers

LAPD open fires on newspaper delivery drivers

Dozens of bullets fired, without warning, at the wrong target.

In the latest bit of idiotic police fail, the LAPD, while hunting for a rogue cop that is suspected of shooting several other officers, unloaded a barrage of bullets at two women who were delivering newspapers.  Never mind that their target was a large black man, not two Hispanic women aged in their 40s and 70s, these cops decided is was best to shoot first and ID the corpses later.  While gratefully no one was killed, it still highlights a massive problem on the part of officers’ willingness to kill without even seeing if they have the correct person.

According to the police account, they were on a stakeout in a neighborhood where they suspected their target might come.  They heard a report that a truck resembling that of the suspect was coming their way.  As the truck cruised through the neighborhood, they opened fire.

There are so many problems with this I don’t even know where to begin.  Obviously no one bothered to actually look in the vehicle, or the presence of two older Hispanic women would have made the mistake apparent.  They did not run the license plates or this too would have cleared up the problem.  They also failed to notice that the truck they were firing at was not only the wrong model, but the wrong color as well.  And, of course, they made no attempt to apprehend the supposed criminal, instead opting for a middle-of-the-street execution.

In addition to hitting one of the women and injuring the other with a hail of broken glass, officer riddled the neighborhood with bullets. Cars, houses, garages and pretty much everything else ended up as targets to the hail of gunfire.  Luckily, no one who lay in their bed sleeping caught a stray bullet.

Of course, the LAPD is defending the action of their officers instead of standing up and being honest about this incredibly gross negligence.  They state that the officers were under a lot of stress and that an accident like this was not completely outside the range of possibility.  So they let their people run around firing guns randomly without doing even the most basic of police work?  Who are these cops that they can’t remember the training they receive in the first week of academy?

As a result of their ineptitude, the LAPD will be getting sued.  Personally, I think that all the officers involved should be fired on the spot but, like in most cases, a quick pay-off to the victims is easier than taking responsibility.  There is no need to have trigger-happy cops on the beat.  Anyone who runs about firing like a madman should not have a gun legally in their hand.  These officers showed their incompetence and their higher-ups are showing theirs by trying to defend them.