“She’s so raped”

“She’s so raped”

Drunken teen’s jokes about rape victim highlight the goodness and light of our rape culture.

If you haven’t heard about the drunken teenagers from Steubenville High School joking about the rape of a classmate, consider yourself fortunate. I’m not going to link to these disturbing comments—but I will tell you the name of the main commentor, Michael Nodianos, who pretty much deserves any vitriolic commentary you can throw back at him.

I really hope that every college this a**hole applies to sees this blog, sees any blog mentioning what he said about a rape victim from his school. The laughing teen laughed that the girl was “so raped,” commenting further on her private parts, and compared her to being as dead as OJ Simpson’s wife, Caylee Anthony, JFK, and Trayvon Martin. He laughs further, joking about her having a dead baby and saying that it wasn’t really rape because we don’t know if she wanted it or not.

This, folks, is rape culture—a culture in which rape is so commonplace, so joked about and accepted as normal behavior, that it’s a freaking joke to people who should be horrified by it. These are the kinds of people we are producing out of a culture that prosecutes fewer than four percent of rapists, that blames victims as young as 11 for their own rapes, and sympathizes with rapists when victims “ruin their lives” by having the guts to name them.

Although I was heartened to hear two classmates call Nodianos out on his comments, telling him it wasn’t cool, and how would he feel if it were his daughter, I fear that Nodianos’s statements are the norm in this country, and why wouldn’t they be when rapists get off on their crimes every day and women are instructed to dress modestly, travel in groups, and watch their drinks to avoid being raped? How many teen boys are instructed to simply not rape women?

Look, old white lawmaking men, you can hand a whistle to every woman and make it illegal to wear skirts and tell girls that their virginity is their most prized position (and shame them once its lost, while “boys will be boys”), but rape is still going to happen until you address the cause of rape, which is rapists. Imagine that! That’s like saying car thieves, um, cause car theft and arsonists cause, ah, arson, and… yeah.

Thanks to Anonymous, who identified this asinine boy and leaked his video on Twitter. I doubt his apologies are very sincere, but I do hope that he understands the severity of rape soon—that any boy with such disregard for women (and anyone, as it sounds here) will, someday.