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25 Facts About Rape

Although I already know how rampant rape culture is in the United States, the statistics in Ms. Magazine’s “25 Facts About Rape in America” still shocked me to the core. I cannot believe that the FBI doesn’t include incest, male rape, anal rape, or statutory rape in their definition of forcible rape. It also unfortunately leaves a lot of wiggle room for people who rape to get away with it—hence the less than one percent of rapes that actually result in jail time.

With a culture like ours, it’s no wonder why 1 in every 3 women can expect to experience sexual assault in her lifetime; in fact, like many people, I think the number is much higher than that, since more of the women that I know have experienced it than have not.

Please pass this fact sheet around and help fight this culture of rape that our very own legal system perpetuates—and the next time you hear someone whining about women filing “false rape charges,” remind them that less than 1% of rapes are punished—and that, rather than the satisfaction for victims we get out of watching Law and Order: SVU, in reality, special victims units actually sometimes refer to their units as “the lying bitches unit,” and that in many cities, more than half of the reported rapes go uninvestigated.