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Ted Kaufman to Fill My Seat

Tuesday, November 25th 8:30am Dear Diary, Governor Minner has appointed Ted Kaufman, one of my aides, to fill my seat in the Senate. And I couldn’t be happier! He was my closest advisor and served the longest time, mostly as Chief of Staff, and I certainly think he’ll do a great job carrying on my legacy. But Ted’s saying that he’s going to step down in 2010. I did mention to him that Beau might choose to run in 2010, so Ted might be doing this to appease me, which is fine. I just keep hoping that Beau will run for this position when he returns from Iraq (God willing), but Beau wants to do things his own way. Still, he’d make a great senator. Beau’s whole thing is that he doesn’t want to just get elected because of me – he wants to run on an even playing field. But if he runs in two years, then it will be on an even playing field. I Need to write myself a note to remind him of this in the next letter I send to him. I was hoping that this appointment would bring some more publicity in for me, perhaps spark a story about my legacy in the Senate, but of course Barack is stealing all the media with his cabinet appointments. I understand that those cabinet positions are of huge importance, especially those directly affecting the economy. But doesnâ??t my position deserve some national attention? Until next time, Joe the Veep

Originally posted in The Secret Diary of Joe Biden