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Smoothing the Feathers with Palin

Tuesday, December 2nd 6:04pm Dear Diary, Today I spoke at the National Governors Association. Tried to be as light and funny as possible so as to not give away my bitterness about not having any real responsibility right now. And I called out Sarah Palin too, trying to show that I’m a gracious winner. I mentioned that since the race is over, maybe she’ll say hi to me since no one pays attention to me. I said that last part too. I’m hoping it resonates with others so there’s more media attention about my lack of publicity. But still, it’ll be interesting to find out whether Palin’s a poor sport. But along those lines, it’s pathetic that she still gets more attention than I do. Who’s the Veep here anyway? I’m going to have to see if there’s something that I can do about this. Already talked to Barack, but maybe this is the time I should take matters into my own hands. It’s just not right that I’ve only had three chances to speak publicly since Election Day. Until next time, Joe the Veep

Originally posted in The Secret Diary of Joe Biden