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Newest Briefing

Wednesday, December 3rd 5:50pm Dear Diary, Today Janet Napolitano and I were briefed by the Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism. Whew, what a mouthful! Well, Bob Graham and Jim Talent led this and whoa. From the way it sounds, we really have our work cut out for us. I don’t want to give any details, in case this diary falls into the wrong hands. But I will say this – we have a lot to do over the next four (hopefully eight) years. I do have faith that Janet will make a good Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Better than Michael Chertoff, that’s for sure. But I’ve had to wonder about a lot of the guys in the Bush Administration. How much say and influence did they really have? We all know that Dick Cheney and Karl Rove basically ran that administration. So I’d be curious to find out what Michael Chertoff came up with on his own. Still, I’ll be glad to be working with Janet on preventing the proliferation and use of the weapons of mass destruction. That is, if I actually get to have a say. I’m becoming increasingly concerned with how little I’m doing right now. I really hope Barack is “saving the best for last,” as he said, and not just planning on writing me off completely. I basically handed him those Pennsylvania votes. Well, Hillary helped a little… Ok, she helped a lot. But still, I’ve done a lot of good things for our country and it would be very disappointing to be have my political career cut short in the White House. Until next time, Joe the Veep

Originally posted in The Secret Diary of Joe Biden