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Jill to Continue Teaching

Monday, December 8th 4:25pm Dear Diary, Jill has officially come out with a statement saying that she plans to continue working after I’m sworn into the Vice Presidency. I’m personally very glad that she’s made this decision. She’s always enjoyed working at the community college, and I’m certainly glad she’s not putting her career off the side while I’m in the White House. She certainly never did that before when I was a Senator for all those years, and I see no reason why she should now. Anybody who takes her English classes is lucky to have her, and I’d hate for those kids to miss out on one of the best English teachers around. Maybe I’m biased, and it’s true – I haven’t sat on in on any of her classes. But I know Jill is a brilliant woman, and she’s been a renowned teacher for years. Not to mention, I’m extremely proud that she’ll be one of the few Second Ladies to work while her husband’s in office. That not only shows where women are at, but how much she values working. I’ve always supported her work, and I’m so glad she’s continuing to do what she loves. In other news, tomorrow I have a meeting with Al Gore and Barack to discuss the state of the environment and what we can do within that sector to stimulate job growth. I’ve always respected Al and I’m looking forward to hearing what he has to say. I think this is a facet of the economy that has not been explored, but can be the keystone in turning around our recession. And, I’m glad to know that Barack wants to include me in the meeting. Until next time, Joe the Veep

Originally posted in The Secret Diary of Joe Biden