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Joe Biden Commemorative Plate

Thursday, December 11th 7:35am Dear Diary, After google-ing my name, as I like to do from time to time, I discovered that someone has recently come out with a Joe Biden Commemorative Plate. On first glance, this seemed like a great idea. Until I watched the video… It’s an outrage! The Joe Biden Commemorative Plate almost seemed like the creators are making a mockery of me. I’m sure that I have fans out there, but who would buy that plate? It almost seemed like they were belittling the role that I played in getting a Democratic Administration back in the White House. To start, I disliked the way the narrator said, “Jooooe Biiiiiden.” Not to mention, he was a little too happy about my “clean hair and articulate teeth.” (What are “articulate teeth” anyway?!) And when he finally brought up how I was in the shadow of history, he was basically saying that I’m just a little paint and the real deal is Barack Obama. Seems like they’re really belittling my role, especially when the seemed almost make fun of my achievements, and my commute to and from Delaware. Well, to whoever created that plate – I hope nobody buys it. Maybe it’s a joke, maybe it’s not. But regardless, that kind of mocking doesn’t deserve a profit. Oops, gotta put the pen down… I think Jill wants to discuss the plate. Well, according to Jill, the plate really was a joke. She said not to take it too harshly, but I’m upset! Who would create such am abhorrent thing, dismissing my contributions to the campaing, and society as a whole! And it’s the holiday season! People are looking for gifts to buy, and go figure – they’re probably just happening on this item as I did. Well, don’t buy that plate. There’s no reason to reward cruelty. Until next time, Joe the Veep