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The Prophecies of Joe Biden

Friday, December 12th 2:45pm Dear Diary, If people will remember, I predicted that Barack would face some trials and tribulations within his first couple months of office. Yes, I did think that this crisis would be an international one and that it would come within the first few months of his presidency. So I was a little early, big deal. So I was wrong about the international component, a domestic crisis is just as bad, especially one that goes as high up as this scandal The point is that I predicted Barack would have to face a crisis, and he is. But this is quite a big deal. Even I don’t know exactly how Barack was connected with Blagojevich, and how much he really knew about the selling of his Senate seat. Barack denies having had real contact with Blagojevich within the past year, but who knows whether that’s true. I’d like to trust the guy, and I’m sure that’s true of most Americans (at least those who voted for him). Of course, the GOP would like to jump all over this. After all, their party image stinks, so I’m not surprised in the least that they’d like to portray the Democrats as also having issues with corruption. But when it comes down to it, we all have to wonder, how much did Barack really know? If it ever comes to it, I wonder if Barack will ever have to invoke Executive Privilege. Lord knows Bush used that excuse tirelessly during his presidency. I’m sure Barack had hoped never to have to resort to that, but who knows… Until next time, Joe the Veep