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George Zimmerman FINALLY Arrested

It only took 45 days after his confession.

So it’s finally happened. After 45 days of breezing about his business and boo-hooing about his victimhood of not being able to just live his life after taking another’s, George Zimmerman has been arrested for the murder of Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman is being charged with second degree murder, and if found guilty, he will serve a maximum sentence of life in prison.

 I haven’t written about Trayvon Martin or his murderer yet because I am so upset with our justice system I just don’t know what to say. From Troy Davis’s wrongful execution to the nation’s spiteful response to the death of seventeen year old Trayvon (and rallying cry behind Zimmerman), it’s perfectly clear that racism is thriving in this country just as it was during the Civil Rights Movement. Black president or none, we still have a country full of hate.

I have seen friends post the most asinine responses to this case, from generally crying for Zimmerman’s rights (and, I suppose, rendering Martin rightsless?) to arguing that black people should indeed stop wearing hats and hoodies if they don’t want to be murdered.

Are you kidding me… Are you fricking kidding me! Would you ever, in a thousand years, make the same or even similar demands of a white child? A mother’s son is dead. A son who did nothing to anyone, who as armed with a damned bag of skittles, was shot and murdered by an older man who was specifically told not to shoot him! And then he confessed, and we BLAME this victim by saying that he should not have worn a hoodie?

I was my hands of anyone with this point of view. The minute you stop seeing your fellow humans as humans and you start seeing them as scary black phantoms who should be shot if they wear warm hoodies on cool February nights (or at all, ever) is the minute your own humanness ceases. Shame on you. Shame on all of you NRA supporters hosting events in support of guns after this occurrence and every other tragic shooting of youth—particularly those of you in my hometown tonight, having your little convention in what was recently announced one of the most violent cities in America. Your tactless and hateful actions speak much louder than your twangy, improperly-worded whining.

Shame on all of you who would dare equate this trigger happy cop wannabe with a hero and a child wearing a hoodie as a hoodlum because of their skin colors.